As NZ’s premier concrete scanning company, Aeon’s NDT technology is specifically tailored for GPR (Ground-Penetrating Radar) scanning. As leaders in the industry, we are committed to providing unparalleled insights into the internal composition of concrete, ensuring structural integrity and safety.

The Power of GPR in Concrete Scanning:

Concrete GPR scanning is a revolutionary technique that employs radar pulses to capture high-resolution images of the subsurface composition of concrete structures. Aeon’s advanced GPR scanning services provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the internal features, including potential voids, rebar locations, and variations in material properties. This non-destructive approach is instrumental in making informed decisions during construction, renovation, or assessment projects.

Key Features of GPR Concrete Scanning


      • Precision and Accuracy: Aeon utilises advanced GPR technology for precise and accurate mapping of internal concrete structures. This ensures no anomalies go unnoticed during the scanning process.
      • Void Detection: Identifies potential voids within the concrete, minimising the risk of structural weaknesses. We can thus address issues early in the construction process, preventing costly rework and delays.
      • Rebar Locating: Pinpoints the exact location of reinforcing bars (rebar) within the concrete to facilitate efficient drilling, cutting, or modification without compromising structural integrity.
      • Depth Profiling: Gain insights into the depth of features within the concrete structure. Allowing for tailored construction plans based on accurate depth information obtained through GPR scanning.
      • Real-time Data Acquisition: Aeon’s GPR scanning provides real-time data, enabling immediate on-site decision-making.

    Aeon's Commitment to Excellence

    At Aeon, we understand that concrete GPR scanning is not just a service but a commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and accuracy. Our team of certified engineers, equipped with advanced GPR scanners, ensures that every scan is conducted with precision and diligence. The combination of expertise and cutting-edge technology positions Aeon as a frontrunner in GPR testing for concrete.

    We also offer professional concrete technology courses to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the dynamic field of concrete technology.

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