Creating A Sustainable Future For Concrete

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Creating A Sustainable Future For Concrete

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Sustainable Concrete Mix Design

Why waste valuable time getting designs approved? We can assist you in getting your project-specific mix designs approved, quick and easily. Saving you valuable time by avoiding the back-and-forth hassles we all know comes with the industry. We could also assist in developing the most cost-effective, low carbon footprint designs for your applications.

Independent Concrete Investigations

It’s always better to get an independent third party to investigate the causes of various issues that can accompany concrete. Whether this is concrete cracking, a setting or a finishing issue we are your unbiased support. Our investigation process and reports can save you time and money. Getting you back on track, quick and easily.

Other Consulting Services

We would like to celebrate your success. Make sure It’s done correctly the first time. Don’t waste unnecessary time in a high pressure, high output, quality-driven industry. We can get involved in Pre-pour meetings for critical structures, assisting with method statements, assisting in approving your project mix designs with the designers and more.

Concrete Technology Training

We have various training programmes on Concrete Technology. This is a great way to upskill your staff on-site and reduce the risk of future complications significantly by adding knowledge to the project. Having people on site with the relevant knowledge saves costs on remedial works and keep your project running smoothly and finishing on time, on budget.

On-Site Testing

We are providing onsite testing services in line with NZS 3109 & NZS3112 independently from the producer. We assist small sites and large projects. Making sure the quality going into your structure is compliant, making it a money-saving and time saving must do. Don’t take quality for granted.


Managing the designs and plant quality output as set out in NZS 3104: 2021

Partnering With Cemex Products


Is a Concrete reclaim additive that is very easy to use. It will eliminate the need to send good quality aggregate to landfills. ISOCYCLE will increase productivity and directly improve the bottom line. No need to crush returned concrete ever again.


Grout pump lines in one easy step. It will reduce the unnecessary costs to small loads for concrete end-users and improve production output.


High concentrate concrete retarder. Retarder stopping concrete for an extensive period of time. Reduces risk on critical pours without influencing the strength negatively.


Improve workability of wet soils and clays in minutes. By adding ISOFINES to your problem soil you will be able to proceed with works quicker staying on target with your programme. No more wet loads stopping work. It will increase productivity and the bottom line for your project.

Let us be your sustainable partner on your project

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At Aeon, we have one goal in mind, that’s to be the No.1 Concrete Sustainability expert in New Zealand. The team at Aeon have nearly 20 years of concrete experience in various construction sectors. Our expertise mainly focuses on sustainable concrete mix designs, Quality outputs, Cost savings and specialised concrete structures. Aeon aims to fill the knowledge gap end-users are experiencing currently in the construction industry. Aeon is here to assist you in finding the best possible solution to your sustainability problems and working together to create a more sustainable future for concrete.