Welcome to Aeon, your premier destination for sustainable concrete solutions in New Zealand. With two decades of concrete expertise across various construction sectors, Auckland-based Aeon is committed to becoming the country’s No.1 Concrete Sustainability expert. Our focus lies in sustainable concrete mix designs, ensuring quality outputs and cost savings, as well as the investigation of concrete structures to guarantee their longevity.


Concrete NDT Services

Utilising the latest equipment, Aeon provides in-depth NDT non-destructive testing of internal concrete structures.

  • GPR Scanning: Our Ground-Penetrating Radar scanning services provide detailed insights into concrete structures. 
  • Cover Scanning: Aeon offers comprehensive cover scanning services for accurately assessing concrete cover.
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Echo (UPE): Our ultrasonic pulse-echo services precisely evaluate concrete integrity.
  • Core Drilling: Aeon’s in-house core drilling contractor team specialises in extracting samples and assessing concrete properties.
  • Anchor Testing: Ensure the reliability of your structures with Aeon’s expert concrete anchor testing services. 

Sustainable Concrete Mix Design

Aeon streamlines the process of getting project-specific concrete mix designs approved, saving valuable time, and reducing the complexities associated with the industry. We specialise in developing cost-effective, low-carbon footprint designs tailored to your applications.

Independent Concrete Investigations

As an unbiased third party, Aeon investigates various concrete issues, including cracking, setting problems, and finishing issues. Our thorough concrete investigation process and detailed reports help save time and money, ensuring your project stays on track.

Other Consulting Services

Aeon celebrates your success by ensuring that every step is done correctly the first time. We offer support in pre-pour meetings for critical structures, assist with method statements, and collaborate on project mix designs with designers.

Concrete Technology Training

Aeon provides comprehensive training programs on concrete technology, empowering your on-site staff with the knowledge to mitigate future complications. This investment saves costs on remedial works and ensures projects run smoothly and finish on time and within budget.

On-Site Testing Services

Our on-site testing services, aligned with NZS 3109 & NZS 3112, guarantee the compliance of the quality entering your structure. Whether for small sites or large projects, Aeon’s concrete testing services save both time and money, emphasising the importance of not taking quality for granted.

Plant Engineering

Aeon manages designs and plant quality output as per NZS 3104:2021, ensuring the highest standards in construction. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for concrete and construction.


At Aeon, we are more than concrete experts; we are champions of sustainability. Our mission is to revolutionise concrete practices, promoting environmentally conscious solutions without compromising quality. View our recent projects on our Gallery page to see our sustainable concrete construction team in action. For more information on our services or to discuss your specific project, contact Auckland’s concrete experts today.