Advancing Structural Integrity with Non-Destructive Assessment of Concrete Cover Thickness

Cover scanning plays a pivotal role in ensuring the structural integrity of your projects, providing non-destructive concrete cover thickness testing to meet and exceed industry standards. This method accurately assesses the thickness of concrete cover, a crucial parameter for structural analysis. Aeon’s cover scanning service employs advanced techniques for non-destructive testing and inspection of concrete cover.

Benefits of Cover Scanning


      • Risk Mitigation & Quality Assurance: Early detection of inadequate concrete cover helps mitigate risks associated with structural weaknesses and potential corrosion of reinforcement. Cover scanning contributes to quality assurance by ensuring that concrete cover thickness meets or exceeds project expectations.
      • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Equip your project with data-driven decision-making capabilities using the comprehensive results obtained from our non-destructive concrete inspection methods. This allows for informed choices for construction, renovation, or maintenance based on accurate concrete thickness data.
      • Efficient Project Planning: Aeon’s Cover Scanning aids in efficient project planning by providing a clear understanding of the concrete cover thickness. Streamline construction processes, minimise uncertainties, and enhance overall project efficiency.
      • Compliance with Industry Standards: Our Cover Scanning services ensure that your project complies with industry standards for concrete cover thickness, promoting structural safety and longevity.
      • Risk Reduction: Identify and address potential issues related to inadequate concrete cover thickness early in the project lifecycle, reducing the risk of costly rework. 

      Aeon’s commitment to excellence in non-destructive concrete thickness testing through cover scanning stands as a testament to our dedication to the highest standards in the industry. Contact us today for precise and accurate insights into your concrete structures.