InspecTerra's patented Infrastructure Condition Assessment Magnetic Method

iCAMMTM revolutionizes infrastructure inspection by reducing uncertainty and subjectivity in visual inspections.

Utilizing the magnetic properties of ferromagnetic materials, iCAMMTM detects and quantifies defects, stress distribution, and degradation in reinforced concrete and steel structures.

This non-destructive, passive method requires no special surface preparation and is unaffected by environmental conditions, allowing for reliable, in-situ measurements that enhance safety and inform maintenance decisions.

The iCAMMTM system excels in assessing the condition of reinforced concrete and steel structures. For concrete, it identifies corrosion and defects in rebar without being hindered by surface coverings or environmental factors, providing critical insights into the structural integrity of bridges, buildings, and other infrastructures. For steel structures, such as beams and tanks, iCAMMTM rapidly maps wall thickness loss due to corrosion, outperforming conventional methods by delivering detailed, continuous results without extensive surface preparation.

Combining iCAMMTM with GeoIME’s cloud-based geospatial solutions facilitates quantitative, risk-informed asset management. The integrated platform allows for seamless data analysis and visualization, supporting effective decision-making and enhancing communication among stakeholders. By providing a comprehensive assessment of infrastructure conditions, iCAMMTM not only improves predictive maintenance but also contributes to public safety and optimizes the cost-benefit-time framework in infrastructure management.

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Corrosion Analysis Testing (iCamm Technology)